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Learn about the role wine has played in Macedonia for centuries as we visit some of our historic wineries.

Macedonians have been making wine for centuries and we invite you to see how wine was made in the past and taste some of the best wines being produced today.

The small town of Demir Kapija and its wineries have played an important role in the history of the Balkans. As an important stop on the road from Thessalonica and the Aegean sea to Belgrade and the Danube, this town lies literally at the crossroad of the Balkans. This region first came to international prominence when Macedonia was part of the kingdom of Serbia. The then king, saw the potential for the region to make wines that were as good as those being produced in the famous wine regions of Western Europe and laid the first vines for the royal vineyards in the later half of the 19th century. Of all the regions of the Kingdom of Serbia at that time, which stretched from Slovenia to Macedonia, the heart of Macedonia was chosen to produce the regions finest wines and continue to do so to this day.

We will begin our visit to this historic region with a visit to the Ancient archeological site of Stobi, where guests will have the opportunity to see how people lived and made wine in ancient Macedonia. Our trip will then take us to the winery Elenov, the successor to the legendary Serbian Royal vineyards. Here, guests will have the opportunity to taste an excellent merlot, cabernet and Macedonia’s own vranec. Following this, we will visit the winery Popova Kula where they have reconstructed the priest’s tower (or Popova Kula in Macedonian), an important landmark on the road from Thessalonica to Belgrade. At Popova Kula, guests will tour the winery, taste a number of superb wines and enjoy lunch before departing for their original destination.

You are invited to join us to experience the way wine has been made since ancient times in Macedonia

1-3 guests 95 € per person!
3-9 guests 75€ per person!
10+ guests 65 € per person!

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