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Some of the most popular indigenous Macedonian varieties include:

Vranec – By far the most popular red wine among Macedonians, Vranec embodies Macedonia and its people with firm tannins countered by an inviting fruity taste. Young Vranecs are full bodied, light red to purple in color and have flavors of berries and other wild fruits. With an year or two of aging, Vranec developing a surprising level of complexity developing a rich ruby red tone and flavors of chocolate, coffee and liquorish.

Stanushina – This variety, which is indigious to Macedonia, producing uniquely Macedonian wines and are a “must try” for any visitor. Stanushina’s typically are light in color, but bold in body and flavor. These fruity wines are excellent with deserts and lighter meals.

Temjanika – One of the most popular white wines in Macedonia, Temjanika is dry white with a distinct greenish yellow color, hints of dried fruit and spicy overtones.